Vegan Plant-Based Burgers


Vegan burger. Plant-based and natural ingredients, these are an entirely meat free burger.
Moving Mountains® Burger.
Sold In packs of 10.

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Using only plant-based and natural ingredients, these are an entirely meat free burger whilst replicating the succulence and appearance of a real meat burger. Its meat-like texture is made simply through a process of extruding whole plant-based ingredients including mushrooms, pea, coconut oil and beetroot. It sizzles and browns like a real beef burger, just shallow fry from frozen for 6-7 minutes, turning regularly!
Cook from frozen.
Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian.
Sold In packs of 10.

Ingredients: water, vegetable (mushroom, onion, beetroot), vegetable protein (SOY, SOY protein isolate, pea protein isolate) WHEAT gluten, WHEAT flour, vegetable oil (coconut), natural flavour, dietary fibre (OAT), methylcellulose, salt, vinegar, BARLEY malt extract, lactic acid, lemon juice, ascorbic acid, vitamin B12.

Contains: Barley, Gluten, Oats, Soya and Wheat

May contain: Peanuts


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