Product Disclaimer

Where our Products are sold in packs, we may display the price of each unit within the pack as a helpful reference. However, please note that all unit prices are approximate and have been rounded to the nearest whole penny. For example, if the cost of a product was £8.00 and came in a pack of 24, the actual price per unit would be £0.333 but we would display the approximate price unit as being 33 pence. If, however, the unit price was £0.335 we would round up and display the £0.335 approximate unit price as being 34 pence. For a full copy of our latest Terms and Conditions of Sale, please click here.

All images shown on the website are for illustrative purposes only and are provided for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the product referred to and as serving suggestions only. The image may include items which are not comprised within the product itself so please read the product description carefully.

The name of the product and the description given on the website are not necessarily the full description of the product and may not, for example, include all allergen information. Therefore, we would advise that you review the product packaging for full information.

Oliver Jones Foods may change product specifications or information at any time, and as such there may be a delay in the product description and specification being updated on the website. We would therefore advise you to review the product packaging for the latest product information.

The information is provided in good faith and is based on details provided to Oliver Jones Foods by the suppliers of those products. In providing the information, Oliver Jones Foods is relying on the accuracy and completeness of the product information provided by suppliers. Whilst Oliver Jones Foods has certain processes to help ensure this information is up-to-date and accurate, Oliver Jones Foods cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in this information. This is particularly important because, where recipes and/or formulations are changed by the suppliers, the information on the website may be inaccurate for a period of time, until such time as Oliver Jones Foods is notified by the relevant supplier, and such changes have been updated. We would therefore advise you to always review the product label for the latest product information.

In the case of third-party products that are not labelled under the Oliver Jones Foods brand, any allergen information we hold is related to the ingredients used in the recipe of the product. Depending on the information provided to Oliver Jones Foods by the third-party supplier, Oliver Jones Foods may also include ‘may contain’ allergen statements in the product description. However, Oliver Jones Foods advises you to review the product packaging for the latest product information including details of allergens included in the recipe and any ‘may contain’ statements.

Please note that Oliver Jones Foods cannot and shall not be liable for any cross-contamination issues that may occur during its preparation at the customer’s site or once it has otherwise been delivered by Oliver Jones Foods. For full and up-to-date product details, including any allergen information, please refer to the product packaging or alternatively please contact us.

Due to technical reasons beyond our control we cannot guarantee that the online product list will be fault free and there may be times when the online product list is not available due to repairs and maintenance. Oliver Jones Foods accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses howsoever arising from the unavailability of this service (or any part of it). For full detail on the terms of use of this website, please see our website terms and conditions.

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